Healthy & Active Metabolic Program

An innovative 8 week nutritional program that is aimed at boosting an individual’s metabolism.  Originating from Europe, this plan uses information gained through a patient intake and blood work to formulate an individualized food list that is geared at boosting a person’s potential for weight loss.

The Healthy and Active program is a unique nutritional program from Europe, geared at boosting up one’s metabolism. Rather than relying on weight loss supplements and starvation diets, this program involves the measurement of various blood markers to measure an individuals metabolic type. Based on this analysis, a personalized program is generated that outlines the various foods which seem to help boost that individuals metabolic rate.

What is involved?

After an initial consultation and assessment with one of our licensed Naturopathic Doctors, you are sent to a registered Gamma Dynacare Lab to have bloodwork done. This bloodwork is reviewed by our clinic and an individualized program is generated by the Healthy & Active team. You can then come back to the clinic to go over the results and program. This process usually takes 1 week to be developed from the date of when lab tests are received.

Throughout this program we will work with you to answer any questions that you may have and to monitor your progress.

How Long is the Program?

The program itself is designed for 8 weeks. Usually during this time period people notice a increase in metabolism and decrease in weight. Since you will have a hard copy of the dietary program, you can always redo the program again in the future if you feel like you need a metabolic boost.

Will I gain more weight after stopping the program?

From the results that I (Ajay Lad ND) have seen to date, none of my patients have gained additional weight after straying off of the program. Unlike what happens with many other “yo yo” diets on the market.

How much is the program?

The program currently costs $$585. This includes the cost of the lab work and the report.  Naturopathic consultation fees are in addition to this price. Currently most insurance plans offer coverage for the Naturopathic consultations but not for the program itself.

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