Saima Sheikh

Anisa Sayed, DHMHS, CNP

My name is Anisa Sayed and it is my mission in life to provide exceptional healthcare to people as a holistic healer. Good health is a great blessing and we should all strive to attain it. My experiences in life, as well as raising 3 amazing kids has pushed me into learning about holistic approach to heal our mind and body. I am a Registered Homeopath (DHMHS) and Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) with an award in Clinical homeopathy and Patient Care. I am practising homeopathy in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities. I have extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and supplements, specificaly in digestive health, UNDA numbers and Bach Remedies. I have a successful track record of helping my patients in finding their path to health and vitality. I am an experienced coach on lifestyle and diets as one of the natural ways to better health. I am a firm believer of prevention and believe that food is the best medicine. I am passionate in helping people achieve their maximum potential with good health. I strive to achieve this by coaching you on your path to vitality and a life full of health and happiness. Testimonials are available on request.